The Radicals is a storytelling initiative powered by the Guerrilla Foundation that explores contemporary radicalism, reclaims what it means to be radical, showcases the diverse faces of root-cause activism worldwide and tells fuckin' inspiring & authentic stories that are meant to reframe activists, uproot misconceptions & reroute rebellions.


This project has 3 main objectives. We seek to:

- Reclaim what it is to be radical. Challenge the current biases around ‘radicalism’ that is currently pigeonholed into being a 'rioter' or ‘violence & aggression in protesting’ and ‘fundamentalism, usually of a religious persuasion’. Instead shift the narrative to systemic thinking, tackling root causes behind global shitstorms and shaking established antiquated foundations with a bold, badass attitude & fresh, creative tactics.

- Lionize radical doers and those on the forefront of current social movements, the more obscure the better, because we want to shine a light on those working in the shadows (as long as it’s consensual).

- Showcase the diversity that exists in activist communities, with a focus on origin stories thus inspiring others to action and the realisation that there are many niches activism, all interdependent, all necessary .