What are ‘the radicals’ as an entity?

For those who were paying attention when reading the ‘About’ section, you’d be in the know, but we’ve made these sassy FAQs for the rest of you. ‘The Radicals’ is a storytelling initiative powered by the Guerrilla Foundation that explores contemporary radicalism, reclaims what it means to be radical and showcases the diverse faces of root-cause activism worldwide. This is a 100% non for profit initiative. Unless we mean that the planet and society and peace profits.

Why is radicalism important?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. often referred to ‘the fierce urgency of now’ in his speeches, highlighting the time pressure we were under as a society to address civil injustices. With the mounting environmental collapse indications, many of us believe that we have both need to act fast but also deep and this what radical means. It means from the root up, it means intense, large-scale, totally re-worked ways of being so that we don’t all crumble under the capitalocene. Cos that would suck. Big time.  

How can I help?

Our intrepid team of writers is constantly on the look out for good stories so if you yourself are a radical activist or you know of a radical activist or you just want to say hello drop Ivan, our editor-in-mischief, a line at: ivan@guerrillafoundation.org


What is the Guerrilla Foundation?

We recommend you just click on the link and do some digging yourself, they have an ‘About’ page as well where you can find out more, but since you’re already here, the Guerrilla Foundation is a grant-making institution that supports activists & grassroots, social movements across Europe working on radical system change, in line with the Just Transition paradigm.

Why is storytelling important?

Words carry with them a lot of power and if you line up words in a really sweet way, you can tell a story, that can immerse, challenge, bewilder, inspire and just impact us homo sapiens in all kinds of crazy ways. So we believe that crafting good, honest, inspiring stories and sharing them is a neat tactic towards social transformation.  

What else can i do?

Aside from getting us leads on stories and offering us feedback on our work, if you have good media contacts we’d love to hear from you because we are always looking to spread our stories as far and wide as we can. So again, if you want to share our content go right ahead, we’re fully non profit and happy to see our stories re-shared. But if you want to discuss collaborations or specific stories, send Ivan, our editor-in-mischief, a message at: ivan@guerrillafoundation.org